Kiddie Pool

That’s right, I said it, kiddie pool.

Our house did not come with a pool, and frankly I am glad it didn’t. Just the thought of maintaining it, fencing it off, and hoping someone’s little child does not fall in it – not to mention the reduced use of what is, after all, an urban outdoor space- makes me shudder. Going to a public pool is completely out of the question. They’re loud, filled with kids and any number of bodily fluids. I don’t care how nice your gym or apartment complex is. Think about the ODDS. And I don’t have a nice uncle out here with a pool. Besides, I am only rarely a pool kind of girl, the same way I am rarely a ride-in-a-convertible kind of girl. I take the big hat and hair scarf approach, and am still not all that motivated to join in. But this year, for whatever reason, I feel like lounging outside by a body of water. And in a typical me move I want to do it in privacy, more specifically, at my own abode.
I admit that for this cause I have thrown design out the window. Armed with an air compressor from our friends at the Home Depot, I got this cushy “family size” inflatable pool from Target – it has all the design flair of an air mattress. And I adore it. Our backyard is now an oasis; complete with lounge chair, umbrella, and a cool place to put my feet, or my whole self if I so choose. And no one can pee in it, because its mine!
On a design-esque note, I am surprised there are not more temporary pool options. Lots of people just want somewhere to cool off, not necessarily to dive and do the butterfly. I love this because it has cushy sides, but can’t you just SEE something with a faux-rock wall and a mister? Something that looks more like a wishing well and less like an above ground oil tank? Alas, these in-betweeny products are hard to come by.
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3 thoughts on “Kiddie Pool

  1. I used to have a hard plastic kiddie pool. I enjoyed putting my lawn chair or raft inside it to get some wet sun.Hubby didn't like it though so he gave it to a neighbor!^..^

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