Short Summer

Today, dissatisfied with my summer wardrobe options, I took about 2.5 inches off every skirt and dress in the closet. I should have done this years ago.

One particular triumph of this day is the transformation of a maxi dress. You may be familiar with these dresses – they look like summer dresses, but they are long, hitting the floor – read: suffocating. They rank with UGG Boots for the beach on my list of things you have to live in another climate to understand. Also, when you are 5’3″ as I am, they also rank on my list of things that make me look shorter, along with ankle straps and skirts that hit mid-calf. I am pretty sure my version of hell would be a woolen calf-length skirt with black ankle strap heels, waiting in line somewhere in the heat. But I digress. So I turned a nice, never-gonna-wear-it BCBG green maxi into a I’m-wearing-it-right-now summer dress, all with the turn of a pair of scissors. The best part is that it is akin to t-shirt material in that the edges roll up, so no hemming!

If all this makes you squeamish – the cutting and the clothes in the same sentence, then I recommend that the next time you have a bag of things to take to Goodwill, you get a pair of scissors and instead have some fun. If we live in fear of our clothes because we don’t know how they are made, then we will forever be buying cheap things for a lot of money because we don’t know the difference. Not really, anyway.

Happy Cutting!


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