Guest Feature: Jana in Colorado

My friend Jana lives in Colorado, and has an existence going on that is basically what I am striving for, but on a bigger scale. Her garden is bigger than mine, her dog is bigger than my cats, and she is a much, much nicer person than I am. Not hard to do, I realize, but this girl is a Southern Belle in the Flesh. I have seen some amazing capability and creativity from her over the last few days, and for all that I have decided to feature her here today!

First of all, she made some adorable baby quilts for friends:

I am amazed by people who make babies, but I am even more amazed by people who make quilts. This requires mathematical precision, and we have already been over how much I love doing that.

ON TOP OF THIS she has a garden that is pretty much a full scale manor-house production, and makes mine look like the one that the poor kitchen maid keeps in a tub on the side of the house. Because I that’s exactly what it is. To your amazed eyes I give you:

Can we say WOW?

And then just because she is even more awesome than THAT, she is also raising the most adorable brood of chickens!

Ridiculous and Adorable.
And so now that we all hate Jana, I leave you with her adorable dog. 
Seriously though, thanks Jana for letting me use all this stuff.
It makes up for the fact that I did nothing today but sit by the Kiddie Pool.


One thought on “Guest Feature: Jana in Colorado

  1. Marlane, I am so flattered! Thank you so much for your embellished description of my humble hobbies. I am honored to be featured here, on your magnificent blog. You are such an inspiration. Cheers to designing, crafting, and creating! – Jana

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