Design for Make-Believe

So recently Daniel appealed to those of us here at MarlaneDesign (that’s me, myself, and I if you’re wondering) about if it would be possible to build a set piece for a music video he was directing. This music video, for the lovely and talented hip-hop performer who goes by the illustrious name of St. Andrew, needed a Catholic confessional. Now I don’t know if I have revealed this, but I know a thing or two about Catholic confessionals. As a student of Immaculate Conception Elementary AND Trinity Junior High (could it sound any more Catholic) I have spent a time or two in a confessional. And as is typical here at MarlaneDesign, I was more into considering the aesthetics of said confessional than the import of my sins.
So I said bring it on! With some brilliant consultation by Mr. R.J.Daniel – Director, we came up with something quite lovely, that I am proud to say I built with my own two hands. And the door even slides.

Next up, the Ark.
(And I don’t mean Arkansas.)
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