Lonely Corner Revamp

When our housemate Felicia moved out, this corner that held her cozy recliner went into decline. Stuck with an antique chair that everyone is afraid to sit on, it became fodder for the dreaded pile up of random stuff. Meanwhile, our television area was saddled with my bar decanter collection. No good all around!

Then, in steps Martha! (Surprise surprise).

I am pretty sure if given the opportunity, these cube shelves could solve world peace. While dubious about their abilities at first, I gave in with this cube system for the office. Imagine my thrill when I found a Martha brand one at Home Depot for half the price!

Now we have room for the decanters, plus some martini glasses and the shaker/utensils. Not to mention books, a spot for an unused throw blanket, magazines and a basket for my writing materials. Plus this freed up some space on the end table, which had previously held our “incoming dvds” basket I use for rental/library materials. In an added stroke of genius, I screwed our IKEA wine bottle holder to the side (I had nixed it in favor of some mug holders under the kitchen counter top. Truth be told, we do not often have extra bottles of wine, as evidenced by the empty holder). But hey – when we do! And there are still two cubes with nothing of note in them!

One thing might have to be adjusted – the tops of these pre-fab pieces of furniture are very slick, unlike real wood. So before you leave glass things to rest, I would put something a little friction-y underneath them. I am going to cut a piece of cork board to place below the decanters. Felt or a wooden tray would also be a good call.

Overall I am very pleased! Nice surprise when all I went to Home Depot for was potting soil!


Never mind about the cork. I did one better with this silver tray!

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