Wardrobe Time!

The day has come that I not only turn to IKEA, but I turn to it faster than you can say big-box-save-my-life-please. After a year of organizing, purging, coaxing and cajoling, I finally had to admit that my closet is just not big enough. I have gotten rid of everything I can do without, have under the bed drawers and the like, but the fact is that rod space was just not adequate.

Enter: IKEA.

A real piece of furniture would run me anywhere from $500 – $1500, but IKEA had just the thing for $99.99. Now, this is their idea of stripped down, but I still think it has some charm. Frosted insets, one shelf and one lovely rod and I now have all the room I need. I am considering some serious IKEA hacking on this thing. I hate that now that clothes are in it you can see through the frosted doors. I will probably line them with white tissue paper, and later, mirrors. I am also considering scouring Home Depot’s decorative wood trim aisle and picking up a few decorative strips for a few dollars.  I’ll let you know.

For the record, I have not changed my thoughts on IKEA . While there may be a few nice things (and some real wood in there somewhere) I still think it’s mostly crap that they sell as a way of life, pretending it’s nice and hiding behind a modern facade. I know it when I see it, and don’t pretend I am fooling anyone (although I may have some hopes to disguise it with mirrors and fancy trim :). When I took one of the sides out of the box it was cracked, the plastic veneer chipped, the mealy wood interior smashed every which way. They replaced it, but I am pretty sure that was just loading the box into the car. And there’s a safety tab to screw into the wall, because they know that given a sharp gust of wind it’ll kill you as soon as look at you. But there is something to be said for not here today here tomorrow, and the absolute instant gratification of it all. While I was there I picked up a kitchen strainer, some outdoor curtains, a plastic bag holder and food storage containers. Sometimes you just can’t beat IKEA.

Except maybe with Wal-Mart.


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