A House Beautiful Week

This month’s House Beautiful, the first to be delivered to my door (I used to read them at the library until I realized I was doing it every month!), is a “Living Large in Small Spaces” issue. One of the reasons I like this ‘zine is that it almost always features a Cali abode, and I was not disappointed by the Spanish-style bungalow therein. But they also have several other spaces in descending square footage that all made bold choices with their decor, some of which I don’t agree with, but I can agree that they are bold. It’s only recently that I have realized my choice of smoky blue walls was bold, so I like to poke through these kinds of issues going “oh yes, but still with the white walls, eh?” It’s my special brand of smugness solidified by hours of standing on a ladder using a small paintbrush to smooth the blue edges against the whitw ceiling. But enough about our lack of crown molding. So I recommend this issue for the boldness, but also for their little “clip and keep” decorating guide that gives measurement approximations for everything from paint to sofa upholstery. Where were you, House Beautiful, during The Month-Where-I-Could-Not-Choose- Appropriately-Sized-Curtains?
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