Chandelier in the Carport

Sometimes when you live in an urban area (read: square footage of a postage stamp) you are asked to re-evaluate certain things. We have a carport that also houses our laundry, as a lot of them in this 1924 neighborhood do. It also has the garden shed, and of course we use it for parking. But when entertaining I would like to use the advantage of the solid roof (we only have a sun shield canopy in back) for some outdoor eating by candlelight. So now this little thrift store chandelier ($20), which I have been trying to place since May 2010, has a new home!

 First thing I disconnected all the wiring. It looked like it worked, but the plastic fake wax “candles” weren’t doing it for me.

Then I hot-glued these 49c tea cups to the arms amd put tea lights in them. Then I hung it. If only every project could be this easy.

Next up, turning the washer and dryer into a banquet!

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