Book Review

Who better than the British to tell us how to live more efficiently? (I’m pretty sure he’s a Brit anyway. He says things like “rubbish” and…well I can’t find the other example but take my word for it).
This book has some old photos in it (there are some desktop computers that look like they belong on the set of Mad Men) but overall I recommend this book. He answers lots of practical questions (do you have a place for temporary storage like library books?) and gives suggestions for built-in solutions as well as those that could work for renters. I am already doing step one, which is considering underused areas of the house. I was shocked to discover so many- for example, we never sit at the kitchen table. His suggestion for areas like that is to make sure they’re comfortable, and he’s right – our kitchen chairs are the least comfy in the house. Chairs are also one of my favorite pieces of furniture, so I have no problem getting right on that 🙂

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