Coyote Fence Envy

I want this:

We live in an older neighborhood where everyone has ironwork fences. While I like ironworks, especially when they have ivy or some other plant growing up it, I am too impatient to wait for that sort of thing, and until then they basically afford no privacy. Add to that the fact that neighborhood cats randomly wander into our yard through the bars (and that if ours got out there would be nothing keeping them on the property) I am not that crazy about them. Also if we had kids (or wanted to sell to someone who did) there is a good possibility their toys would just roll into the street! I’ve also got a little jonse for what the Jones’s have – all the newly remodeled houses on the block are getting these put in, and I want one! Bah!

Naturally you would think I would just look it up and get a quote, but there are so many other little projects to be done that I am not sure where a new fence (when ours is perfectly usable) fits in.


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