DIY Jameson Whiskey Bottle Bird Feeder!

You know what I think is the best about this picture?
The closet door that I cleverly removed from our bedroom closet and left outside to die –
there’s some MarlaneDesign underbelly for you.
The little walkway behind our house has always been so glum, and you can see it from one of the office windows. So I decided to put a birdfeeder here in hopes of livening it up!


Got the directions from “Esprit Cabane: The Magazine of Crafty and Green Living Ideas” which I cannot vouch for as a publication, but their “make a bird feeder out of random things” got me moving!
bird feeder
Theirs looks a little more au natural, but mine was truly from found objects: random wood, random wire, used screws, an empty bottle and a cat food can from the recycling.
Now we wait~!

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