Austria Email Enamel Pots

I have a love affair with them.
They are from the 60s, hearkening from a day when email meant…well, something other than email as we think of it. I got a set of four of these pots from a thrift store in Arkansas. I promptly burnt a hole into the little fry pan. I didn’t know about the delicacy, the slow-cooked perfection of enamel. I tried to treat it like a cast iron skillet. WRONG! I just didn’t know! Since then I have had lovely luck with the big dutch oven style pan and the little saucepan and medium one, used for pasta. If only this tea kettle was actually for sale!
Porcelain Enamel Sauce Pot

3 thoughts on “Austria Email Enamel Pots

  1. do you know if you can put the big pot with the little plastic looking knob on the lid into the oven? i have one that is about 4.5 quarts. not nearly as beautiful as the pattern on yours though. it is brown with black horizontal stripes. i would love to use it to slow bake a stew in the oven on about 200 degrees, but am afraid of damaging it. thanks.

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