Washing Machine Avenger!

I grabbed this shot with my laptop webcam – how many times do you get to sit inside a washing machine?

When our washing machine refused to kick over into the spin cycle, I said “Call someone -make someone come fix it.” Easy enough to say, but when adding up the diagnostic charge to see what the problem was ($45) the possible parts ($15-50) and the actual labor (starting at $130!) I realized that our $150-used-20-year-old dryer was not exactly worth that. We may as well buy a new one, and if there is one thing I hate shopping for it’s appliances. I have never been so bored in my life. So I did a little research on the internet and found some pretty great resources to fix it myself.

A website run by Sears where professionals post on problem forums and give you a good diagnosis. They even have a chat feature where you can just tell the rep what the problem is and they will search the site FOR you! In my case, since the only thing that wasn’t working was the spin cycle, they suggested that it was the lid switch – the little clicky noise you hear when the lid closes that lets the washer know it’s okay to throw your spare change all over the inside of the washer because the lid is closed. I got no clicky noise. So then the rep gave me the parts number, and I was able to order it over the phone for pick up at the closest Sears Parts and Repair Center, about 3 miles away. Picked it up right then!
Now the tricky part, putting it in – right? Nope, found a great YouTube video that walked me through the process. I was surprised that while washing machines are all made by different companies, the basic design is shared by all and they look very similar on the inside!
Now everything is working fine, and this old lady (the washing machine) didn’t have to go to the dump!

One thought on “Washing Machine Avenger!

  1. You are so clever Marlane! I am proud of you. If you can fix a washing machine you can fix anything! The walk through you did with the links to the helpful websites and videos is pretty unique. You might want to do this on a separate website and get some advertisers. You can consolidate everything in one place. Make money on your expertise, diligence and tenacity.

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