The Garden: Galoshes and Seeds

Got all fixed up today with my new Target galoshes and seeds/seed pots by Burpee! These are herbs that I didn’t think to order from the website (sage, cilantro and catnip!), but the perennial shrubs/flowers and raised bed garden items I ordered should also arrive soon. All of the shrubs are drought resistant once established and do well here in Southern California in full sun, both of which are important requirements for our yard. Other things in the yard that are doing well are the Italian Blue Cypress, Grecian Laurel and of course all the succulents and the fruit trees (orange, apricot, and two tropical guavas!). It would be too much to care for if they all needed regular watering, but luckily they don’t!

Here’s an overview of the plants we would like to use in the front yard and to landscape the curb:




 I am planning for the raised bed garden:

SUNFLOWERS! Which are a good companion plant for…
…the Herb DILL, which is supposed to grow well with…
CUCUMBERS! Which I have to plant in place of tomatoes this year, because apparently you can’t plant tomatoes in the same place two years in a row. I am having to learn crop rotation. CROP ROTATION. What am I, Laura Ingalls Wilder?!

 Overall this has been a lot of fun to plan. I can’t wait to see all the little seedlings sprout! It makes me feel like Mama Nature. Gotta tap into that earthy side some way!


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