Beat the Heat with Saratoga Roller Shades

The one thing about California is that the sun will bake you alive while still in your house.

I have been trying to defeat this for awhile, but since we have 9 windows that all take a beating, I was going to have to go without food in order to buy blackout curtains/nice shades for them all. I’ve seen nice ones for $85 EACH. Not worth it. At my house, they sit behind white curtains as it is. So I took to putting blackout little panels inside each casement window, but they are cumbersome and covered with cat hair and I hate them. Not to mention that it took forever to cut and hem them (dont think I even finished all of them) and I had to buy a bunch of tension rods. What a waste. You know, the amount of time I have spent trying to avoid the inevitable is extraordinary.

You can see how dumb this looks. So. dumb. Admittedly this is our tiniest window in the office and we don’t have any curtains there (just too small of a window, they look silly).
I have to judge these treatments by their most ridiculous look.

In steps J.C. Penny (didn’t think I would EVER say that on this blog).

They are offering custom cut roller shades for $10-$30 each: Safe for babies and kitties! (No roman shades or mini-blinds no how!) And with the attractive blackout quality – three layers of vinyl textured to look like fabric. Easy to wipe clean and easy on my finances to boot.  They have: chocolate truffle, white, ivory, cream and light taupe. Ordered some cream ones this morning (playing it safe). Thank you to Apartment Therapy for featuring them. If you’re interested in additional colors (I saw apple green!) the AT post has links to more sellers.

Anyone need any tension rods?

My soon to be AFTER photo

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