Things That Turn Into Other Things That I Am Into Right Now

There are two.

Chairs Into Benches

I am kind of into this right now and want to make one. Unfortunately I have about six pieces of furniture that need to be painted, gotten rid of, or otherwise attended to and I think my guy would kill me if I filled our garage area with random chairs meant to be married. But someday it’s going to happen. They are going to get married and they are going to like it. (Can you tell I just went to a wedding weekend?)

Trunks Into Coffee Tables and Bars

We were using a trunk as a coffee table, and then my guy said he felt it just looked like we’d forgotten to buy a coffee table. In his defense it’s kind of a small trunk. So now the trunk is tucked underneath a coffee table instead and he’s right, it does look more…official. But maybe all the trunk needed was some casters?!

Then also here is a picture of a cute chihuahua puppy, because ever since our chi foster went to her forever home we miss her and I like to think about what she would have looked like as a puppy.


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