DIY Bootstrap Ottoman Refinish



Double After


From March 2013:

I’ve been into all the equestrian looking ottomans I’ve seen lately, because they highlight the fabrics that have real horsepower, stuff you’re not afraid to put your feet on, that still manage to hold their own next to an embroidered pillow. Using an on-sale Target ottoman, wool fabric from a thrift store (double washed) and a couple of straps cut from an old pair of boots, I think this living room diy project turned out just right!


Using an electric staple gun, I wrapped the ottoman like a present!
I wanted to add casters to the ottoman. Makes it easier to move around the living room and the bottom will pick up less dust. I chose casters that hold about 40lbs. Not sure if that means each, but I am planning to sit on it so here’s hoping!Using whatever little wood screws I had, I drilled them into the wood corners on the bottom. So far so good!

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