DIY Whiskey Box Herb Garden


I have a few of these boxes from a restaurant and have been want to make them into an herb garden for awhile but I wasn’t sure the best way to protect the insides from water. I used plastic sheeting and a staple gun for my raised beds, but these are so tiny. What to do?

Check out the solution!


Foil! By pressing and molding a single sheet into the box it’s sealed from run off and as a bonus it takes about 4 seconds to do.


For these seedlings I used Burpee seed starter boxes that can be transferred directly into the ground or a larger planter. Who knows though – it looks so cute I might leave it!


Here she is being protected from the cats in the greenhouse šŸ™‚

Update 5/9/14
Herbs are doing well as long as I leave the flaps up on the greenhouse! They did much better here than the ones I tried to sprout outside!


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