Complimentary Flowers for the Rose Bed

I felt like the rose garden needed a little cleaning up. So I took out the brick borders the previous homeowners had installed around each bush and tripped on over to the Sunset Nursery where they always take care of us. The orange pots and succulents are from them too!
(note my creeping fig in the back. They are still babies!)

We are in Zone 10, for those that care!


He helped me choose two varieties of lavender and a blue spreading violet to install under them! It will fill in when the roses aren’t blooming and give us a more lush look and fragrance! I am also into the whole “California urban homesteader” thing so I love that the lavender is edible.


Here they are set out! Just have to get to planting (and fertilizing and watering.)


Planted! One week in!


Can’t wait to post an update when they grow up and out!

Update : The violets were not getting enough sun! Only the ones on the edges survived. But the lavender is doing well!


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