IKEA TRONES in the Bathroom


Think these shoe storage bins only belong in the entryway, think again. At an exceptionally shallow depth, they also work wonders in a small bathroom that can’t spare a storage footprint.

These two wall-mounted bins store hair tools {hairdryer, curling iron, products} on top and bathroom supplies {Magic Erasers, cleaning spray and toilet paper} on bottom.

Chalkboard Gift Tags

I am not the first, nor will I be the last to use these for something other than gifts, but they are so sturdy I had to post! Now I won’t drop these baskets on my head anymore trying to remember what’s in them. The cute chalkboard gift tags are from Target and the baskets I already had from IKEA. With a little twine they can look cute labeling almost anything, and at $2.99 for 4 tags why would I use anything else?




Sandpiper Bathroom

While in the throes of curtain problem solving (turns out roman shades are hazardous to cats that practically live in windows and also small children) I found time to repaint the bathroom (Sandpiper, Martha Stewart). I don’t know if we remember lesson learned  – never paint bathroom with matte paint, duh – but I also changed the color scheme and am pleased with the cleaner, stonier look.


I also moved the little shelf (cleaned of some clutter) to under the medicine cabinet, leaving the wall space under the drawing (my mother’s sketch, ladies and gentlemen!) for breathing room. This house was built in 1924, and back then there was no such thing as a master bath! So in a bathroom this small, all the breathing room I can get is important. It also made room for my little jade plant! This climate is so bright that jade even does well indoors. I’ll post more photos soon – I have some fun storage ideas for small spaces like this!


Shower Curtain:
World Market

Other similar items:

Beat The Container Store

A tiny little shelf to compartmentalize my bathroom medicine cabinet is not, as the Container Store would have me believe, worth $5.99 or more, especially because I am picky and it is not likely to be to my exact specifications. The days I have spent searching for exact specifications almost equal the days I have spent searching through an assorted basket/bag of makeup for the right thing. Enter: the weedwacker.

Well, more specifically, enter the coated Black and Decker cardboard box that the weedwacker was delivered in. I cut off one end and trimmed it up, securing the sides with packing tape, until it resembled this:

Then I used a glue gun to cover it with a scrap of a scrap of blue fabric, making folds as I went to avoid fraying ends. Now it resembles this:

 Ways this is better than the Container Store acrylic shelves:

It is cuter.
It has a solid top, so things are not teetering around.
It has a fabric top, so things are not sliding around. 
It is blue.
It is exactly the right size for the space.
It was free. Well, except I always burn myself on hot glue. Always.

If you’re short on fabric scraps, old pillowcases and sheets are a great place to get started. Then you get cavalier and can cut up anything. And do use coated cardboard, because it is super strong and will commit you to the cardboard movement. For those of you who think that cardboard is too flimsy to do anything substantial, try tearing a sheet of it with your bare hands. Go ahead, try.

Come back tomorrow for making boxes to fit a set of hanging drawers!