Living Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden


I did this project for a number of reasons. I have been looking for ways to bring the indoors outside and vice versa, and I also have an increasing interest in herbs. My cat Maybe likes to sit in this windowsill because it gets great light, so I decided to build something that would work with both of us!



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Cat Shelves Inspiration

Because I pretty much think that shelves solve everything, I have been doing research on improving the cat habitat in the office (where they spend the night) with shelves. I have always felt bad about cooping three cats up in a tiny office overnight, but it’s the only choice besides being mauled as they clamber over our heads to get a good view from the bedroom window. What’s more, with all my experience in making shelves, I can probably get it done in a dedicated day! Here’s some of my favorite photos from the web:

Not exactly for cats, but doesn’t it challenge the imagination? It could be…
Not sure why these wouldn’t open towards the window, but they are a nice idea, because the cats can scratch on the side! They also spent the extra time to rout the wood, so the tiles would sit flush….can’t say I have the know-how for that, but can definitely nod to the attention to detail!
Last but not least, I LOVE this, but it’s $250. If the shelves were going to be more on display, like in a living room or bedroom I would say maybe it’s worth it, but for the office I am going to go a little more diy, a little more whimsical. I like the idea of making them fit into a painting….
I’ll let you know what comes of it!

House Grass

I cannot help but laugh at how sweet these kitty grasses look! I grew them originally for the cats – cats naturally eat grass outside to aid digestion, but my indoor bubs don’t have access. These I got at PetSmart, but they’re just a mixture of barley, rye, that kind of thing. They grew up in 2 days, and needing so little care I have to say they are my favorite house plants so far. Check out that shock of green hair! I have named them Little and Big Wilson.

Carpet Tile City

Got some great carpet tiles courtesy of InterfaceFLOR to cover the cats ledges – A quick tango with a box cutter and staple gun made these wooden perches safe for their little paws! Thanks InterfaceFLOR!

p.s. If you’re wondering why all the concern about the cats having some real estate (my new favorite term for places to sit!) it’s not purely good pet ownership – I am hoping to wean them off scratching our 1960’s couch that yes, does feel like a rug, in hopes of getting a leather couch later this year. If I can give them lots of alternatives, then it’s a lot more likely to work out in my favor!

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