IKEA BYGEL Rail Shoe Storage


This turned out to be a very easy, presentational, and inexpensive way to store shoes! These 2.99 Ikea rails go up with just two screws each and can hold 3 pair of shoes. I chose to hang 2 pair on the bottom rail and also use s-hooks to hang a belt rack + purse. It’s the happiest I have been with heel storage so far!



Tree Stumps as Stools


Someday these will be proper seats (on casters, duh) but for now they are slightly sticky as the sap dries from their recent cut. They are gifts from God. I say this because I got them from the curb outside a Catholic church that had recently cut down a cypress tree.


And they smell heavenly too 🙂

Tales of a Weathered Wardrobe Refinish

This particular blog post was started in June, when I found an old damaged wardrobe at a thrift store. It took me awhile to finish the project because this is just a hobby for me! I refinished it using a Miniwax weathered stain applied with a rag and wood conditioner after light sanding. It was sealed using a wood wax. Check out the whole story after the jump!


Wardrobe Before



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