Wedding Season Approaches: Gift Basket

I am, I admit, one of those annoying people who takes one look at a registry and gets B.O.R.E.D. bored. Putting gifts together with a little more thought and whimsy is more my style, so to that effect here is an “Anniversary Basket” that I put together for one wedding. The best thing about it? It’s a picnic basket!

The basket contained: 2 dessert plates, a bottle of champagne, 2 champagne flutes,
tea lights, and celebration poppers, all nestled in tulle and ribbon. 
Any chance to rhyme and I’ll do it!
I was very specific about the instructions!
In the interest of “reduce, recycle, and reuse,”
keep old packing paper for just this purpose –
propping up poppers!
Also, secondhand stores are a great place to find baskets, just steam and reuse!

Valentine’s Day Card Countdown Day Two

This is a gold envelope with the flap removed and a blue notecard cut to fit inside. Pull it out for a sweet note! Decor: stickers and a flower image (Better Homes and Gardens is a great source for those).
Standard Valentine’s Day fare: cardstock, sky print stationery, puff-paint style lettering (the dot at the end of each letter hides any shakiness) AND an old-school valentine cut up for the heart.
This is a favorite. Ever wonder what to do with those little gift books people give you? You know, the ones with quotes about friendship? Thank them politely, read through them once or twice, and then – ta da! There’s something about this one that feels so wistful.