DIY Concrete Planters – Round One: Rocky

Our first attempt at making concrete planters included understanding the difference between concrete and cement. Concrete, it turns out, is cement + rocks or gravel. We really wanted cement planters – so this aesthetic was a surprise! This isn’t really a tutorial, but you can check out some images of our project – in addition to how I painted and stained the finished planters – after the jump!

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Living Indoor Windowsill Herb Garden


I did this project for a number of reasons. I have been looking for ways to bring the indoors outside and vice versa, and I also have an increasing interest in herbs. My cat Maybe likes to sit in this windowsill because it gets great light, so I decided to build something that would work with both of us!



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Succulent Extravaganza!

I’m at it again! Can’t stop making succulent arrangements! Dad got me a Home Depot gift card for my bday. Gots to use it to replace the arrangement that got stomped by the foster dog :*(
Ahh well, better the plants go than the dog!

The Garden: Landscaping to Love

 This house a few blocks from us has the best landscaping! We have been privileged to watch the house go from vacant and overgrown to occupied by a great family and the best in the neighborhood. These plants were little bitty when first put in and I am so impressed at how big they are now!
The only plant I can identify is the succulent in the middle!


I recognize Lady Lavender there at the end but I don’t know any of the others!