The Garden: Ice Plants!

“Vygie” ‘Red Surprise’

Fun in the garden today! You know it is summer when you take a break for PB&J – spring gets skipped in Southern California 🙂


The Garden: Bloom Time!

I love it when the roses show their faces 🙂 This year I have been much better about pruning away dead leaves and using spray to ward away insects and other pests. They are rewarding us, they are!

House Grass

I cannot help but laugh at how sweet these kitty grasses look! I grew them originally for the cats – cats naturally eat grass outside to aid digestion, but my indoor bubs don’t have access. These I got at PetSmart, but they’re just a mixture of barley, rye, that kind of thing. They grew up in 2 days, and needing so little care I have to say they are my favorite house plants so far. Check out that shock of green hair! I have named them Little and Big Wilson.

Mini Spruce

Once you’ve made all your pearl decorations, a mini spruce is in order! This served as my first “college try” at a Christmas tree while in school and then became a gift for my mom. I used in tact pearl strands as the garland and the “star” is a rhinestone brooch pinned to a ribbon. The tree skirt is a scrap of lace from hemming a real skirt!