It’s been a long road here at Marlane Design, but we made it! Happy Valentine’s Day to all my happy readers! Eat lots of chocolate and tell everyone you love exactly how you feel!

Remember where we started? Wow!

Remember, Valentine’s Day is Sunday! (Tomorrow!)

Free fun thing to do for Valentine’s Day that could be considered super romantic by that certain someone: (I am clearly not sticking my neck out too far this close to the day.)
Go to Puzzlemaker @ DiscoveryEducation.com and make a crossword puzzle about your relationship! Just put in the clues and the answers, and the website generates a custom puzzle! Print it on cardstock and decorate!
I also think that could be a fun idea for weddings to have at the reception tables.
Thorny and Beautiful Love.
Tea Time

Put Your Face in a Horses’s Face
(Valentine’s Day is great for riffing on inside jokes.)
Umbrella Girl

If You Loved Me You’d Make Me a Sculpture.

“Verona, the Italian city where Shakespeare’s play lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives about 1,000 letters every year sent to Juliet on Valentine’s Day.” – unreliable internet source
I have actually been to visit this crazy lady! For Valentine’s Day this year, make a clay dough sculpture of them (or don’t. If this creeps him/her out don’t come running to me.) Or you could just make one for them. Like this, from Saving for Sesame
Be VERY clear whether it is for them or of them.

Valentine’s Day Eve Eve on Friday!

For all you that got really really excited about giving Valentine’s out at school, and wanted to go pick them out on this night, but your mom was really busy and you ended up going the night before when everyone else was there too and you all ended up fighting over the best ones and you ended up with Star Wars. This one’s for you.

This one has no adjustments by me. Pure 1989.

Lucky Number 11 for Valentine’s Day Wishers

Ever made a wish at 11:11 am or pm? Start now! They are destined to be sentimental when you’re thinking of the one you love!

 Cherish; Materials: Cardstock and found image

A Bouvier Valentine; Materials: Cardstock, found image, hand lettering 
L.O.V.E.; Materials: Cardstock and stickers
p.s. Get ready for Valentine’s Day Weekend – at least five great cards a day!