New Life for Old Things

What do a calendar from the Boston Museum of Fine Art and an old mirror have in common?
Nothing really, but I took the mirror out of the frame and put them together!

Alternative Hangings for Your Wall

Use both halves of a cardboard jewelry box and cut the photo to fit inside. 
It’s all the drama of a mini shadowbox with zero cost!
Alternative hanging items: You might notice the lower piece isn’t a photograph, it’s a gift tag that my mom painted for a birthday gift. Don’t be afraid to frame and hang your nontraditional art pieces!

 With that in mind, I’ve also included this little number, which is two stationary cards and an invitation to an art gallery show framed alongside family photographs. Backed with colored paper, I actually just popped them in place – the glass on the frame broke long ago. With the ease of access, I enjoy changing out what goes in this frame! (Which, btw, used to just be brown, but I sanded it and painted it green)

p.s. The artist  in question is Tony Fitzpatrick, and the show was titled No. 9, An Artist’s Journal