My kitchen: Dark Wood Cabinets and Warm Grey Walls: Update

I finally found a photo of dark brown cabinetry with grey walls in what looks like a small kitchen (courtesy ApartmentTherapy) – and I love it! Currently our kitchen walls are painted light blue, which definitely feels bungalow-y, but there is something a little undignified about it and I would rather hearken to the Spanish style leanings of the house. Which are, might I add, just leanings. We have stucco, but no tile roof and archways, but they are not curved! It doesn’t know WHAT it wants to be, which I think has been part of the struggle redesigning our little artist cottage of a house. But after seeing this photo I feel more confident that a neutral color palette will help soothe the space. Nothing like a hunk of bread on the counter to make me feel like this is the right way to go 🙂

This was first published April 26, 2012.

Here’s the new paint job:





Grow-Up, Bedroom

I have had the same blue quilt bedspread for a few years now. I bought it when I lived in a bland white walled rent house with oatmeal berber carpet. But it is time to move on. (Don’t worry, I already moved on from the blue curtains. We are doing white roman shades).

So I went browsing on Apartment Therapy for other grey walled rooms, and found this stunner that both Daniel and I agree would make the room more calming (and I think) more accommodating of the current masculinity also residing therein. I am also not sold on our nightstands, seeing as one is actually a metal shelving unit and the other was found on the street. I would much rather have ones to match my antique pineapple post bed 🙂
It’s actually kind of amazing how much the scale in this picture matches the scale of our room! I am excited to be on the lookout for a light brown bedspread like this. The most important thing is it won’t show lint or dirt or cat hair – a darker brown would, and it warms up the grey tones. Love it. I also love the blue accents – because that’s where blue belongs now in this room – as an accent.
Other brown bedspreads:
Actually not sure how brown this is, but I like it.
I am also willing to make my own duvet cover out of a pair of king sheets  – you never know the kind of quality you can find at discount places like Ross and TJMaxx in the way of King sheets. I covered a couch of mine three years ago using a beautiful pair of brown King sheets I got for $19.00 at a TJMaxx in Austin. That’s where I learned dark brown shows everything under the sun.
And also that I will never recover a puffy couch again.