Museum Day: Dallas Museum of Art

On a trip to Dallas recently (to shoot a pilot – yay Salvation!) I had a couple of days to explore the city. I was excited to hear about their free art museum downtown, the Dallas Museum of Art, so I took the free bus called the D-Link to check it out. Free is the best price! I wasn’t sure what to expect since it’s free – but it was amazing. Lots of variety, lots of wow factor in the pieces and the displays were focused and accessible. They have collections of African, American, Ancient American, Ancient Mediterranean, Asian, Contemporary, Decorative Arts and Design, European, and Pacific Islander art. Good job Dallas!

I love to photograph my favorite art pieces during a museum tour, especially now that none of the attendants seem to mind as long as there’s no flash! I only just realized that MarlaneDesign is a perfect place to record this inspiration. The photographs are obviously not as great at the art – you have to go to see it yourself 🙂

I also enjoyed their conservation studio where you could see paintings being restored and view some in 3-D in order to see the way they were framed and the special materials that might have been used instead of canvas. They also had delicious food at their cafe!

Check out my faves from the tour below:

Nature or Abundance by Leon Frederic

I love the assault of colors.

2014-03-21 15.21.04

2014-03-21 15.21.11


Valle Buona, Near Bordighera by Claude Monet

The Impressionists are favorites in general so I enjoyed meeting this piece by Monet.

2014-03-21 15.24.10

2014-03-21 15.24.01


2014-03-21 15.24.16-1

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