DIY Concrete Planters – Round One: Rocky

Our first attempt at making concrete planters included understanding the difference between concrete and cement. Concrete, it turns out, is cement + rocks or gravel. We really wanted cement planters – so this aesthetic was a surprise! This isn’t really a tutorial, but you can check out some images of our project – in addition to how I painted and stained the finished planters – after the jump!

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Whiskey Box Succulent Garden

Using the same foil-lined technique I discovered to use these whiskey boxes for growing seeds, I made a little garden display of succulents today. Varieties chosen based on a short root structure. None of them will outgrow the boxes!
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Plant Succulents in Wall Cracks

May 13th, 2012 –

Before – Meet India my foster dog! She goes to her new family tomorrow!
Some plants I already had and some found – the great thing about succulents is that is it easy to take cuttings. I have a pair of scissors in a pocket knife on my keys and I am not afraid to use them!
Here you can see how they’re tucked in! I put the rocks there just to unify the look. Hope it lasts!

I have seen crazier things with these shallow rooted plants, so we’ll see. I stuffed dirt down as far as it would go, but there’s a chance it will all fall out and the succulents won’t have enough in their root ball- I’ll update in a month!

Update after the summer: Some of these lived, and it was the smaller ones that were able to take shade from the bigger ones. I don’t believe this is the best summer experiment.

May 24th 2014 –

These have really done well! I am so surprised , but then again that is the magic of succulents!